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Indian History GK Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam


Indian History GK Questions & Answers for Competitive Exams set 5

Indian History GK Questions & Answers

Ancient Indian History GK Quiz 

Indian History GK Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam is one among the foremost relevant and important parts of the Exams like UPSC/APSC/SSC/RRB/IBPS/PNRD/NDA and lots of other national and state level Competitive Exams. Therefore "Dewan Sir" provides a set of Indian History GK for Competitive Exam in the sort of Practice sets contains 30 Ancient Indian History GK Questions & Answers for competitive exams which will be a pedestrian to crack your exams.

So, Practice all these Indian History GK Questions for Competitive Exams to prepare for the upcoming exams. You can easily get 2-3 marks with the help of Indian History GK Questions & Answers for Competitive Exams.

Indian History GK Questions & Answers for Competitive Exam

121. Who accused Indian National Congress of practising politics of prayers, petition and protest?
Ans: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

122. Who had moved a resolution for the creation of Pakistan in the Muslim League Session of 1940?
Ans: Mohammed Ali Jinnah

123. By what name is British lady Madeleine Slade, a disciple of Mahatma Gandhi, better known?
Ans: Meera Ben

124. Whom did Prithviraj Chauhan defeated in the First and Second Battle of Terrain in the year 1191?
Ans: Mohammed Ghori

125. First Battle of Panipat took place in the year?
Ans: 1526

126. Whom did Babur defeated in the First Battle of Panipat?
Ans: Ibrahim Lodhi

127. Whom did Babur defeated in the Battle of Khanwa in the year 1527?
Ans: Rana Sunga

128. Who presided over the first session of the All India Trade Union Cogress in 1920?
Ans: Lala Lajpat Rai.

129. Whom did Akbar defeated in the Second Battle of Panipat in the year 1556?
Ans: Hemu

130. Third Battle of Panipat took place in the year?
Ans: 1761

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131. Who defeated the Marathas in the Third Battle of Panipat?
Ans: Ahmad Shah Abdali

132. Which 19th century social reformer from Maharashtra was popularly known as 'Lokhitwadi'?
Ans: Gopal Hari Deshmukh

133. Battle of Haldi Ghati took place in the year?
Ans: 1576

134. Whom did the British defeated in the Battle of Plassey in the year 1757?
Ans: Siraj-ud-daula

135. Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, the largest Hindu temple in the world, is dedicated to which God?
Ans: Lord Vishnu

136. With whose permission did the English set up their first factory in Surat?
Ans: Jahangir

137. Which Governor General created the Covenanted Civil Service of India which later came to be known as the Indian Civil Service?
Ans: Cornwallis

138. In the 'individual Satyagraha', Vinoba Bhave was chosen as the first Satyagrahi. Who was the second?
Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

139. What was the immediate cause for the launch of the Swadeshi movement?
Ans: Partition of Bengal

140. The silver coins issued by the Guptas were called?
Ans: Rupyakas

141. The term 'Yavanapriya' mentioned in ancient Sanskrit texts denoted?
Ans: Pepper

142. The concept of Anuvrata was advocated by religion?
Ans: Jainism

143. The river most mentioned in early Vedic literature is?
Ans: Sindhu

144. Who was famous for his work on medicine during the Gupta period?
Ans: Susrutha

145. Which Mughal ruler started religious doctrine 'Din-i-Ilahi' (Divine Faith)?
Ans: Akbar

146. Who introduced the system of permanent settlement, also called the Zamindari system, 1793 in Bengal?
Ans: Lord Cornwallis

147. Who established the Fort William college at Calcutta?
Ans: Lord Wellesely

148. Who laid the foundation of railways in India?
Ans: Lord Dalhousie

149. In India the first railway line was laid between?
Ans: Bombay and Thane in the year 1853

150. Doctrine of Lapse was introduced in India by which Governor General?
Ans: Lord Dalhousie

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